What Do They Want?

What I enjoy about the show How I Met Your Mother is how each individual character strives to achieve their own goal. You can’t have a show without goals! Each character has goals. Do they change or stay the same? How are their goals different from the other characters’ goals? Well, agree or disagree, I think that each individual adds a little something to the table.

Let’s start with Ted. Ooooh, Ted Mosby. I have a love/hate relationship with Ted. All Ted’s character wants is to find his one true love. Heck, he works his butt off in order to find it. What I admire about Ted is his strong ambition and drive to find the person he is meant to be with. Heck, he even goes back to exes because he is afraid he accidentally missed his chance and made a mistake by breaking up with them. Whether it be him being left at the altar or when Victoria moved to Germany, Ted is always able to get back on his feet relatively quickly and move on. The problem with this is that it could easily be pictured as a good or bad thing: he either has a lot of ambition or he is very desperate to find love. I love him or I hate him. It matters what kind of mood I am in. At times, he seems desperate and is trying too hard to interfere with fate. Regardless of everything, the persistency and his ability to handle his love life is admirable. Many people would not be able to handle what Ted Mosby has been through.

What about Robin Scherbatsky (or as we all know and love her as–Robin Sparkles)? Robin is the exact opposite of Ted. While at times Ted seems to be relatively dependent on relationships, Robin is by far the most independent character on the show. Her main goal during the plot of How I Met Your Mother seems to be to find happiness within her self. Her dreams consist of being a newscaster and traveling the world. I think that is extremely important at her age. There is not another time in your life when you can travel the world and achieve your dreams. Sure, you could possibly do it later in life, but it will be a lot harder to find the time to do so. Why not do it when you are young? I praise Robin Scherbatsky for being able to put herself before anyone else because some people are guilty of trying too hard to find love and too early. I think it is important to put yourself before anyone else and ensure that you find happiness before you enter a relationship. There’s a common saying: if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to let somebody do it for you?

Barney Stinson. Oh, Barney Stinson. My favorite character. What does he want? Just to hook up with every pretty lady in New York City. No, but really. While that is his goal, he does change throughout the course of the show. Barney has fun. He can turn any situation into a fun and enjoyable time for everyone. I think that his friends underrate him; I think that at times he does not deserve the annoyance that his friends give him due to his crazy dating ways. Eventually he is able to realize that he can not be a “player” for his entire life. Then he is able to finally find someone that is perfect enough for him that Barney is willing to even marry her.

I’m going to put Marshall and Lily in the same category. When are they not together? Exactly. Not every person is lucky enough to meet their future spouse the first day of their college experience. Since the beginning of the show, Lily and Marshall have been considered a pair. Therefore: I consider them to have the same general goals. What is their goal, you ask? To start a family. In the beginning of the show, they get engaged. This is the beginning of the very long process of them starting their life together. We, as an audience, are lucky enough to be able to watch them as they go through their ups and downs of their relationship. We watch as they get engaged. We watch as they get married. We watch as they have their first child. This is the couple that keeps the show sane. How I Met Your Mother needs to have a long-lasting couple as an inspiration for other characters to find true love. Without Marshall and Lily, Barney, Ted, and Robin  would not be able to watch and admire Marshall and Lily’s relationship. Instead they use it as inspiration to find one just as special and passionate.

Everyone needs goals in life. I think that all of these character’s goals represent what people in their twenties should be doing. I think that a person should be like Robin and be working to be independent and find happiness in oneself. Also, I think that they should be like Barney and be able to date whoever they want and do whatever they want. Also, I think it is important to be like Ted and have a great amount of ambition to be able to finally find the person you are meant to be with for the rest of your life. Marshall and Lily represent what it’s like when you get there. It’s the process of getting there that is important. How I Met Your Mother shows all aspect of being young and in your twenties. It shows the pros and cons of all sides. I think the one of the biggest lessons of How I Met Your Mother is to enjoy being young. Enjoy your time in your twenties, because you’ll remember it for a lifetime.


2 thoughts on “What Do They Want?

  1. Its interesting that every character adds their own personal flare to each value of enjoying life as represented in the show. Viewers can easily identify with one character and learn from the others simultaneously. How I Met Your Mother’s message is so positive, light-hearted and refreshing when compared to other dramatic and dark programs of today!

    • Exactly. I admire how each character adds something different to the table. I love how it focuses on enjoying being young and all the entertaining and funny stories that come along with it!

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