HIMYM Hits Social Media

Off the screen, what are some ways that HIMYM fans can access the show? Like many other shows, How I Met Your Mother is using the social media on the internet: Facebook and Twitter. How are they using these, you ask?  Well, like many HIMYM fans, I am following them on many forms of social media.

Let’s start with Facebook. How do they use the How I Met Your Mother Facebook Page? What kind of things do they post on Facebook? Well, for one: try to avoid their Facebook if you are not caught up to date on their recent episodes. You think that would be obvious, but many of my friends were angry when they hadn’t seen the episode when the mom was introduced and their Facebook feed was filled with information about her on their newsfeed. What I admire about How I Met Your Mother’s Facebook page is that they post a variety of  different things. Some shows just post about when a new episode is up on their website, or any news concerning the show itself. With How I Met Your Mother, they post contests, souvenirs available for purchase online, favorite moments from the show, information about the cast, etc.

To be honest, I am not a huge twitter junkie. I try to go on it as much as I can, but when I do I typically check out the How I Met Your Mother Twitter Page. My favorite post happened recently on February 11th. They posted a photo of the series finale episode’s writer’s script draft. It’s posts like this that you cannot find anywhere other than their official social media pages. What they post is relatively similar to their Facebook page, except they post even more. Their Twitter includes more information about behind-the-scenes shooting, guest stars on set at rehearsal, moments from the show, etc. They even take the time to retweet their fans! It’s stuff like this that makes me appreciative towards the show: they are grateful for the fans and their responses to the episodes.

Next time you are watching How I Met Your Mother, I would recommend checking our their Facebook and Twitter pages during the commercial breaks. It’ll give you an insight on the effort that goes into what they post and maybe you’ll even find some links that will interest you!


3 thoughts on “HIMYM Hits Social Media

  1. I think social media is great when watching it with your favorite show. I know I loved seeing all the tweets come up on my news feed during The Walking Dead and The Talking Dead. They are hilarious.

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