Dialogue of HIMYM

How do the characters of HIMYM talk? Format of the dialogue? I decided to read a couple episode scripts in order to visually see how the dialogue is.
Barney_BlogBarney. We all love to hear Barney Stinson talk. It seems as if every word that comes out of his mouth is a sexual innuendo or talking about the Bro Code. In my opinion, he should definitely be considered the “jokester” of the group on HIMYM. The dialogue of Barney’s character is very light-hearted and humorous compared to the other characters. Not that the other characters are not happy. It just seems as if Barney’s character is constantly making jokes around his friends as if to cheer them up. After paying attention to the dialogue, I’ve noticed that he also tends to laugh at his own jokes in the episodes frequently.

Robin. Considering she ends up with Barney, they have to be alike in certain ways and you can definitely see a similarity in their characters by reading the dialogue from different episodes. Robin is similar to Barney considering how she also is making jokes and uses sexual innuendos. Some would even consider her a “bro” in which she grew up a tomboy. The character of Robin Scherbatsky is very different in certain aspects when you relate it to the other female character within the group, Lily.

Lily. How is the way she talks different from Robin? Lily is the mother figure. She worries about her friends and their well-being. While she does joke with the other characters quite often, she is not a worry wort. She takes situations more seriously than other characters by talking in a more serious tone when needed.


Ted and Marshall. I’m putting them in the same category because they have known each other for years and are such good friends that they talk similarly. The way I would describe their dialogue is that of a teenage boy (in a good way!). The jokes they use around each other are very cheesy and sometimes inappropriate. The dialogue of both of the character compliment the other.

The dialogue of each character is very specific in which it is able to compliment the other characters. Props to Craig Thomas and Carter Bays, because I enjoyed reading the scripts just as much as watching the show.


2 thoughts on “Dialogue of HIMYM

  1. I completely agree with this post! I think Carter and Craig did an amazing job with these characters and the writing has been very consistent when it comes to each character. I also really enjoy reading scripts from HIMYM and how their writing is directly translated in each episode!

    • I agree–I think Carter and Craig did an amazing job with the characters! Everything from their dialogue, personalities, needs as characters, etc. Some shows tend to make a lot of the characters relatively similar, but I am glad that HIMYM’s characters are all extremely different from one another. It makes each character relatable! (P.s. There’s only more episode. I might cry.)

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