Identify the Script Structure: Challenge Accepted!

Try saying “Script Structure” three time fast. Do it. Com’on, do it. I just tried and I couldn’t. Yay, tongue twisters! Seriously though, you had to know that each episode had to have SOME sort of structure. Otherwise it would be chaotic!  After watching numerous episodes (for homework, of course…), it was not hard to realize that HIMYM uses a 3-Act structure. The 3-Act structure is very commonly used in TV series, especially those with only thirty-minutes per episode. Any more acts than 3 would be crazy!

GleeWhat about stories? There are never simply “one” story per episode. Every episode has different stories relating to the characters. The number of stories per episode may vary, as well as whose stories they are. For example: Robin may not have an “event” going on in an episode. In Season 4 Episode 19, “The Murtaugh List”, Robin does not have her own side story because she just helps out Barney in completing his list. Although, Lily and Marshall almost always have their own situation going on during every episode.

Do the stories every intertwine? How do they relate? Well, obviously the stories in the beginning may not seem relevant to each other at all. In “The Murtaugh List”, Marshall is coaching a young Porn_starbasketball team, while Barney and Ted are completing the Murtaugh List. In that example, their stories do not relate and their stories stay separate. On the other hand, in the beginning of the episode, Barney gets banned from laser tag by the manager. In the end of the episode, Ted agrees to roll the laser tag obstacle course with toilet paper. In situations like this, stories tend to come another.

It is admirable how the stories of each decide to intertwine throughout each episode. It created more fluidity with the characters and the events in their lives.

Also, please cry with me when I say that there is only one more episode of HIMYM. One. No more. Only re-runs. I cried last night during the new episode knowing that there was only the finale left. You can bet I’m going to write an episode review on the finale! Make sure to look out for it!


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