The End of the Story — 4 Hours Away

The series finale of How I Met Your Mother is tonight at 8:00pm. I think I may cry. Actually, I don’t “think”, because I “know.” This has been my favorite show for years and it is finally coming to an end. I thought I would write a post before watching the finale in order to predict my own ending of the show.

There are many theories relating to the ending of the show and whether or not the mother will die, Robin andtumblr_ms551lcoUL1s9rmlio1_500 Barney will divorce, and Robin and Ted will end up together. Lets move backwards and start with the last one: Ted is not going to end up with Robin. For Ted, getting over Robin was a part of maturing and growing up. Sometimes you do not get to be with people you are supposed to be with, because life just works out that way. You may lose someone you loved while growing up. It happens to most of us. Whether that person you loved be when you were in high school, college, or even in the real world. Ted seemed to click with Robin. He loved her and we know that. In my eyes, Robin never seemed to “click” with Ted. I’m hoping that they do not end up together. I think that it would be a mistake to have Ted and Robin be together. I think their relationship was a chapter in each other’s lives, and not the ending.

As for the second theory, Robin and Barney are not going to divorce. Hopefully. I do not think so. People think this because they think that Robin should be with Ted. No. She’s with Barney. They are perfect for each other. Sure, ImageBarney sometimes chooses to act out and be immature occasionally, but for me he needs someone to calm him down and put him back in place. Robin is Barney in girl form: funny personality, except that Robin knows how to be serious and take control if she needs to. If Barney and Robin divorced or chose not to get married in the last episode, Barney would be back to Square 1: playing by the playbook and hooking up with every girl he can get his hands on. That may be fun for him, but it’s not healthy. Everyone thinking that Robin is going to leave Barney in order to be with Ted is not thinking the theory through. The finale will end every character’s story. Hypothetically, if Robin left Ted and they were happy together, what happened to Barney? Exactly. We would not know. That is a horrible ending because we have seen Barney mature and grow in the past number of years and it would be horrible for them to throw that away. This series was a slow process of telling a story of each characters story. They would not have built up this wedding if within the hour they were going to tell us, “LOL JK, Barney gets left at the altar and continues with his Playbook for the rest of his life.” This series was about each individual character growing up and it would not be a happy ending if Barney was pushed all the way back to his starting point because the love of his life left him. They are perfect for one another. And I think that everyone knows that in the back of their mind.

future-ted-and-the-motherThe last theory kills me the most. Will the mother die? Eventually at least? I don’t know. I really do not want her to get some sickness and die. In the back of my mind, I have to agree with other theories about this. I do not want it to happen. What I want to happen is maybe Ted’s mother dying and missing their wedding. Anyone but the mother. We spend a series building up to this point only to find out that the mother dies too early during her lifetime. At this point, I want nothing for Ted but happiness. He has worked so hard and has dealt with so many events in his life and I feel like he deserves nothing but to spend his lifetime with someone who makes him truly happy.

So far, the series of How I Met Your Mother has been better than I could have ever imagined. The writers have been successful with the show for the past nine years, and I doubt that they would mess up tonight. I trust that whatever ending that they choose to do, it will be whatever is best. Whether it be a twist, or just a happy ending, I feel as if the ending of the series will be what the audience is looking for.


2 thoughts on “The End of the Story — 4 Hours Away

  1. I can’t believe “How I Met Your Mother” has ended! That’s so sad! I don’t regularly watch this show and have only seen a few episodes, but I can tell that many people will sincerely miss watching all the new episodes (you definitely included). Your series finally predictions are awesome! After reading your post I feel the need to watch the finale. I want to know how it all ends (or begins haha). Did the finale live up to your high expectations? I hope so!

    • Unfortunately, the finale did not live up to my expectations (or about 99% of the other viewers…). Although the finale did not go as I expected, the series itself is awesome! I would highly recommend watching it on Netflix!

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