How I Met Your Aunt Robin

Series Finale Review. SPOILERS (obviously.) If you do not want to know the ending of the series because you have not watched the finale yet, you should stop reading at this point. Get ready for a Bitch Fest ya’ll, cause this chick ain’t happy.

I’ll go ahead and get the one good part of the finale out of my system. Well, kind of good. Barney’s ending. I disliked how Barney and Robin divorced. I understand that that is the best choice for the characters, but I was hoping that after all they went through that their characters would be successful in working their relationship out. The ending for Barney’s character was impregnating a girl and having a daughter. Seeing his daughter changed the meaning of life completely. I like that ending for Barney. It was not my first choice, but I kind of liked it.

Other than Barney, I refuse to believe that anything else that was on the finale last night actually happened. HIMYM had over 200 tumblr_mipg2wTSm21s51zjyo1_500episodes in the series, and they did not write ONE BAD EPISODE. They chose to mess up that last one. Great job, HIMYM. Nine years of dedication, only for the worst ending possible to be used. Let’s discuss what was wrong with it. So, can we please point out that every single thing that I predicted would happen in the series finale (refer to previous post), the opposite happened instead? We spent an entire season dedicated to Barney and Robin’s wedding, only to have them announce their divorce within the last 15 minutes. Plus, they kill off the mother. Although that was already hinted that was going to happen, Ted runs back to Robin within the last scene.

THE ENTIRE FINALE WAS ABOUT ROBIN. Sorry it took this bitch nine years to figure out that she loved Ted. He’s been to hell and back for her and she messed with his heart constantly. The entire finale was about how Robin was “emotionally unstable” because she had to watch everyone she loved move on with their lives and be happy. When all the attention should have been on Ted and Tracy (the mother) on their wedding day, guess who received all the attention? Robin. She got the dramatic entrance during the wedding ceremony. Let’s completely ignore the bride on her big day and focus on Robin. Poor Robin (please note the sarcasm). The entire episode was revolving around Robin and her emotional instability. It was completely unnecessary to create a huge plot twist and have Ted run back to her within the last minute and a half of the series. Completely uncalled for.Image

And the entire series was built around meeting the mother and the journey it took for Ted to get to her. The show should have just ended with Ted meeting the mother and the life they had together. Done. She got cancer and died? Okay, well then let Ted continue on with his life and live for her memory. Robin’s character made it seem like Tracy (the mother) was a temporary accessory of the series. The mother did not matter, of course not. All that mattered was Robin. The entire series was about Robin. Robin, Robin, Robin. The show could have ended after THE PILOT EPISODE. THE FIRST ONE. The entire series was unnecessary. The mother of the show now seems completely irrelevant. There was no point in building up the suspense of Ted meeting the mother if she was going to meet Ted, be hit by the cancer bus, and completely forgotten about.

I was starting to like Ted. I began to thoroughly enjoy his character. Robin was supposed to be a maturing point in his life because Robin was supposed to be the love that Ted lost. We all have lost a love in our lifetime and it would have been a better ending to teach the viewers: how to deal with a lost love and to teach everyone that life moves on. Life will work itself out for you. But no. MORAL OF HIMYM SERIES FINALE: when in doubt, run back to your exes that fucked you over the first time.

Personally, when I chose to re-watch the series (whenever my bitterness has passed), I will completely avoid the last episode. Heck, AZi9qm7maybe even the last season. The writers tried WAY to hard to please all the fans in creating a “good ending.” They tried to please both the “Tracy + Ted together” fans and the “Robin + Ted together” fans. The ending was horrible and you could obviously tell that the writers squished all that drama in the end in order to attempt to please everyone. Nice try, but the opposite happened. Look on HIMYM’s twitter, or Facebook page and you will be able to see that the majority of reviews of the series finale are complaints. After nine years of loyally watching this series, I am ashamed of the finale. I will never trust a series again.

All in all, I would like to say something to the writers of How I Met Your Mother:

You had an amazing television comedy. So many loyal fans. Great episodes. After nine years of writing amazing episodes, you messed it up. You fucked up the series just within the last 20 minutes of the finale. I have lost respect for the show due to the horrible writing of the finale. Great job, guys. I’m ashamed. After the finale that you chose to write: good luck making the suck-y spin-off “How I Met Your Father” successful.

All in all, I feel like the audience deserved a better finale. I like to think that the finale was a really good April Fool’s joke and that the actual finale will air tonight. Unfortunately, the chances of that happening are slim. I highly dislike the ending that was chosen for the characters and when re-watching the series I will just completely disregard the last season.

Great series, horrible ending.


7 thoughts on “How I Met Your Aunt Robin

  1. I don’t watch the show, but I can certainly feel your pain. Finales are tough. I imagine that you want to please people while still sticking to your beliefs as a writer/creator. Seems like HIMYM got lost in that. A lot of the point of a series finale is to make the audience feel adjusted to the idea of life without these characters, or that these characters are leading better lives now that their stories have been told or resolved. I think you make a good point that the finale doesn’t reflect on the work they did on the rest of the series. It will be interesting to see how this affects the spin-off.
    PS- I like that you tagged “Horrible” in the middle of the other tags haha

    • I respect the writers for sticking to their beliefs, but at the same time I lose respect for them due to completely ignoring what 99% of the audience wanted as an ending for the show. They have reasons for making the choice that they made, and it would be interesting actually talking to Craig Thomas and Carter Bays on why they made the decision. Hopefully if they become writers for another show someday, they might learn from this experience and actually make an ending that is relevant to what the series builds up to.

    • XD reading this made me upset and laugh at the same time. I haven’t seen the finale but if everything you said about it is true, then that’s a real big dump to take on the fans. I always hate it—hateithateithateit when they have two characters who have no business being together get back together. I’ve seen this in so many shows, I wonder why I even bother with television anymore. There are some TV relationships where you can give a pass on like Seth and Summer on The O.C.–their fall outs were never a spectacular crapfest. But there are others–so many others like fuckin’ Hank and fucking Karen on Californication AND Big and Carrie on Sex and the City that totally just makes you want to give up because it’s sending the wrong messages out there to people who are more into fiction than reality.

      “Oh, this person totally played my feelings like a fiddle at a county fair for almost a decade but all that matters is that they finally made it back to me forever and ever!” just doesn’t work like that in real life.

      Writers should stick to pleasing the story first and the fans last, sad to say it. What I’ve found is that you can write the most brilliant piece but still upset a few others (this has been going on with Hannibal for the past few weeks so I’m certain of this). In the end the only thing that matters is the story. I’m sorry that they didn’t get that and ruined it for you:/

  2. I know this is a cliche internet meme, but it actually sums up most of why I am angry:

    I understand that finales are hard. It was easy to be disappointed by the finale to such a long show, but I never expected it to go in the complete opposite direction. I didn’t have high hopes, I just wanted it to be adequate, and the show couldn’t even give me that.
    Regardless of what happens in the plot of the episode, it’s just a bad episode of television. It’s awkward, the pacing is terrible, and some of the dialogue makes it feel like some 12 year old’s fan fiction. I don’t think I can go back to a series that is all about the ending, when I know that the ending is terrible. I’m done with How I Met Your Mother.

    • Here’s an example of an alternate ending that a fan made on YouTube:

      It was just SO easy to create a good ending for the series. After being interviewed, the show’s excuse was that “they were always unpredictable.” One of the things I am angry about is that the last episode could have easily made up the entire last season. I wouldn’t have been happy with it, it’s just that SO MANY drastic things happened within the last 20 minutes of the episode. The finale made the entire series seem completely irrelevant. With the exception of Marshall and Lily, the other characters were kicked back to where they were on the pilot episode. All that growing of the characters is now completely unimportant. One of the best parts of the end of the series was seeing Barney’s character grow as a person from the Playbook-type he once was. After all that hard work they put into the character plots of the shows, it’s pathetic to see them throw it away like that just to have an “unpredictable ending.” Sure, simply ending it with everyone happy (maybe keep the Barney and Robin divorce part, but have them get back together in a couple years) and have Ted meet the mother would have been a little predictable, but it would have ended the show on a perfect note. In my blog post I discusses the meaning of the ending which without Ted getting back together with Robin it would have been “How to deal with a lost love and to teach everyone that life moves on. Life will work itself out for you.” With the last scene included, it changed drastically to: “When in doubt, run back to your exes that fucked you over the first time.” That is just such a bad lesson to viewers. They had such a great opportunity to end their show on a perfect note, but their ending was so bad that they ruined the series for me completely.

      • I completely agree. I saw several fan made endings, all of which were better. I feel like it’s a cop out to pull the “We have always been unpredictable” ploy. Giving up on years of character development to execute one final “twist” is cheap.

  3. It’s crazy that after so many years to figure out how to end this thing, they screwed up. I haven’t spoken to anyone who was happy about how it ended. It seems cheap that a show that should’ve been about the mother ended up not even really having that much to do with her. Just like you said, it could’ve been solved after the 1st episode. I would be interested to hear the thought process everyone involved in this show went through in deciding the ending.

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