Why Marshall Eriksen is the Ideal Boyfriend

Marshall Eriksen is one of my favorite characters on How I Met Your Mother. Everyone loves his attitude, looks, humor, etc. That is why I decided to dedicate an entire post to why I want to marry him; who wouldn’t? Just like any other girl on the planet, I would take either Marshall Eriksen or Jason Segel. Both seem like total dreamboats.

outfitsOne of the reasons I want to marry Marshall Eriksen is because he is the ideal boyfriend. How many guys are willing to go all out and coordinate both everyday outfits and Halloween costumes? Not many, that is the answer. Basically the one and only reason why I why I would want Marshall as my boyfriend is to have bad-ass couple costumes for Halloween. Sorry, but if you claim you are not a fan of Lily and Marshall’s Halloween costumers, I don’t believe you. You are in denial. How many couples would think to dress up as a pirate and a parrot?

Another reason why I want Marshall Eriksen as my boyfriend is because his character’s ending in the series finale (and anigif_enhanced-buzz-14265-1388954876-17Lily, too) is the only reason I did not attempt to sue the writers of How I Met Your Mother (Aaaaand here comes my bitterness of the ending). I am aware that their characters obviously have no control over their endings on the show, but in Darby World I like to imaging that Marshall Eriksen truly exists as a person.Barney (eh), Robin, and Ted all had endings that screwed up the series finale completely. Marshall and Lily as a couple is what kept me somewhat sane after the finale. They stayed together and nothing changed with them. They simply continued their healthy, awesome relationship. I like to continue thinking that Marshall and Lily made good decisions and were smart to not make a drastic decision such as getting back together with an ex-girlfriend or get a girl pregnant. In my eyes, this is another reason why Marshall Eriksen is perfect.

Another reason why I want to marry Marshall Eriksen is because the bloopers on the show. Once again, Marshall Eriksen and Jason Segel are the same person. Watching Jason Segel’s bloopers and attempting to not laugh is extremely difficult. Boom. There’s his lovable sense of humor. On and off the show, Jason Sehel seems like such a charmer. Seriously. Watch this video and admire how charming he is.

There are obviously more than 3 reasons why Marshall Eriksen would be the best boyfriend ever. Unfortunately, I do not want to write a novel.


5 thoughts on “Why Marshall Eriksen is the Ideal Boyfriend

  1. I completely agree with you. Throughout this entire series, Marshall has been completely devoted to Lily and supportive of all of her many aspirations. Marshall is so funny, lovable, and smart. I can’t imagine anyone who would disagree in saying he would be the perfect boyfriend. Marshall is always there for his friends when they need him and willing to join in on their crazy adventures. Over the series, Lily and Marshall’s relationship is established as one that the rest of the gang looks to as a guide for their future relationships as well. The fact that Marshall is played by Jason Segel definitely adds to his overall appeal.

  2. It really is a shame how little of this show I’ve watched. Marshall is probably my favorite character, besides Lily (WILLOW!!!!!), his amazing girlfriend. As goofy as they are, they are easily the most practical and stable characters of the show, at least based on the dozen or so episodes I saw. While everyone else was screwing up, these lovable guys just couldn’t stop being adorable together. They’re having too much fun together.

    • I love them together. I am glad that throughout the majority of the season they were able to stay strong in their relationship. HIMYM needed a stable couple within their cast, and Marshall and Lily were great.

  3. Dang, people really hate this ending. I guess it only intensified your feelings for Marshall, which could be a good thing. Jason Segel is a boss, and even though I haven’t seen How I Met Your Mother, I can see how is character is hilarious and homely. In Darby World, Michael does exist, so I hope all the best.

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