Goodbye, HIMYM.

My last post on the blog. Such a great experience. Eventually, we all have to say goodbye to the shows that we once knew and loved. What better way then to dedicate a post to fun facts?! Bet ya didn’t know that…

1. Neil Patrick Harris is known to be a extremely talented magician. He is the president of a magic club in Los Angeles (way to go, Neil!) That probably explains why we often saw Barney picking up girls at the bar using magic tricks…


2. Remember Scooter? Lily’s high school boyfriend? Yeah, that’s Neil Patrick Harris’s husband, David Burtka. They have two children together.

3. Speaking of significant others, Taran Killiam (SNL) is Cobie Smulders’s husband. Taran makes an appearance as Gary Blauman in the last season. Sorry, but I personally think they are the cutest couple ever.

4. “The Bro Code” and “The Playbook” were actually published into books. So yes, you can buy them. (I have personally seen the books at the store Spencer’s at the mall. If you are interested, buy it there!)

5. The theme song for the show is performed by a band called The Solids, and the co-creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are in the band.

6. We never find out what Barney’s job is. It’s an ongoing joke on the show that the audience has no idea what he does for a living in his office. (Edited: This is in correct! I was informed that Barney’s job was revealed S9 E15. Oops!)

7. Who is Ted’s best friend? We don’t know that either. Barney or Marshall? Ted never answers. (I like to think that it is Marshall…)


8. The show hid both Alyson Hannigan’s and Cobie Smulder’s pregnancies on the show by conveniently placing objects in front of their bellies. For example: When Alyson Hannigan was pregnant, one of the episodes had her in a beer chugging contest. This was supposed to explain why she had such a large “beer belly.”

9. The scenes involving Ted’s future children were shot in the beginning of the series in order to prevent them from aging. This means that Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie have known the ending of the series for a long time (since 2006). That is a long time to keep such a large secret!

10. Ted has dated 29 girls over the course of the series that were not the mother. (I would name them all, but…I shall not).

11. The show is filmed without a live audience. After they are done filming, the episode is shown to a live audience and their reactions are recorded. The reactions are then added to the show. I personally would have paid good money in order to view this show live.


12. Most statistics that Barney uses involve the number 83, or 8 and 3.

13. The name Barney was used from a drug dealer mentioned in James Elroy’s book LA Confiential.

14. The guy who says “It’s mine” and takes away the champagne glass with the ring from Robin actually proposed his girlfriend to marry him during the recording of the episode. (Source)

15. Josh Radnor (Ted) is allergic to dogs.


16. Maclaren’s Pub was named after the show’s associate producer, Carl Maclaren.

17. In the episode when Marshall’s father passes away, Jason Segel was not informed of this in the script. Therefore, his reaction is real.

18. There are only 12 times in the series when Barney is not wearing a suit.

19. Cobie Smulders is actually Canadian.


The gifs in this post are of each character in the first and last episode. I will miss How I Met Your Mother. Great show and a great cast. I sincerely hope that they are able to do a reunion in the years to come. Cheers to HIMYM!


4 thoughts on “Goodbye, HIMYM.

  1. Gosh, I love fun facts. Very impressive that “The Bro Code” and the “Playbook” were turned into books — this shows how truly talented (and funny!) the writers were through the show. I’ve seen a handful of episodes, and I actually never noticed the fact that Barney’s occupation was never mentioned. We can only assume he’s pretty important with a wardrobe like that, right?

  2. Barney’s job is described in the final season, he is essentially the fall man for his company by signing off on potentially illegal documents and told not to ask questions! Hence why he works in tandem with the goverment to bring down the company. Or more speciffically the guy who stole his first girlfriend.

    • It’s explained? Really? Huh. I don’t remember that. I actually was reading different sites that had random Facts about HIMYM and this was a very common one! I apologize if it’s incorrect. Dang it!

      • Haha its cool ! Yeah it’s in the episode where he gets Truth Drunk and tells them everything. To be fair alot going on in that episode.

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