Central Perk, Griffith Observatory, and Venice Beach

The last final week of the program has unfortunately arrived. Let’s all cry together. This past week has been sucha  blast, though! This weekend our class was lucky enough to get general tickets to Let’s Make A Deal, but unfortunately we did not make it into the studio because there were so many people. Hopefully we will be able to go before we leave (which is in thirteen days). Or else I’m pretty sure my roommate Brandi will cry considering how much money she spend on her adorable flowerpot costume.

On Sunday, my roommate Lexi and I went to Bea Bea’s (this makes Mama’s Boy look like McDonalds). It was phenomenal, even though it was my second time going. Hint: if you go, get a waffle. Their Belgian waffles are the best waffles I have ever had. People say Mama’a Boy is good, wow. I will not be able eat there ever again without missing Bea Bea’s.

At the end of last week, out class went on a tour of the set of The Foster’s. Wow! It was amazing. I will never cease to be amazed going on television sets like that. We were able to talk to some PA’s and some people in the marketing departmnent int he show.


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